In Case I Don’t Make It

Author: Andrea Black

Written with busy students and parents in mind, Andrea Black’s book comprises 113 very short letters, intended to inspire her own children on their lifelong trek towards holiness. Using wisdom accrued from her parents, her spiritual directors, and her own extensive spiritual reading, she aims to give practical advice to help others discern their own vocations, grow in virtue, and learn to live a life full of joy. This book is intended for everyone from young adults to mature parents, and can be opened to any page for a quick little encouragement on the road to eternity.

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Andrea Black

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In Case I Don’t Make It

I read the book thoroughly and enjoyed every minute of it. The style was easy to read and engaging, and the information conveyed was really good! ~ Sarah Gould, Catholic wife & writer

As I was reading this book, I kept thinking, “Yes! This is exactly what I want my children to know.” I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and hope to apply the words of wisdom to my own life. ~ Tammy Schwartzenruber, Catholic wife & homeschooling mother of six children

With an endearing blend of deeply-appropriated theological insight from the Church’s treasury of spiritual wisdom, and the practical wisdom of a wife and mother of five, Andrea generously shares in these pages lessons hard-won through personal experience and perseverance. Her words of advice will undoubtedly bear much fruit in the lives of her children, but will also benefit anyone who wants to grow in the Christian spiritual life, and frankly, become a better person. ~ Rev. Adam F. Voisin, JCL, Judicial Vicar, Diocese of Hamilton

A deeply rewarding book with timely messages formed by the author’s personal experience as a mother and wife. She reminds us that this world is not the only one, that the ordinary events of life are filled with extraordinary possibilities, and that holiness is possible for all. It is at once profound, humorous and inspiring. I highly recommend it. ~ Rev. Seamus P. Hogan, D. Hist. Eccl., Assistant Professor of Church History, St Augustine’s Seminary, Toronto

Andrea Black lives in South Western Ontario with her patient husband, John, and her five long-suffering, homeschooled children. She identifies herself primarily as a Catholic wife and mother, but was once a registered nurse and also holds a Master’s degree in Theological Studies from St. Augustine’s Seminary in Toronto.

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Andrea Black


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